Friday Loves

This week was a vast improvement from last week. Bailey is better and back to her normal self and even though I can feel a cold coming on I feel much happier and less stressed. I didn't have to resort to devouring Nutella which is always a good sign. On Wednesday Husband worked from home and woke me at 10am with tea and homemade blueberry muffin tops in bed followed by a back massage after he had put Bailey down for a nap. To say I feel insanely lucky is an understatement {even though these acts happened because of an argument the night before}. He sure knows how to make a wife feel appreciated. Here are my Friday Loves for this week...

New shoes. The Milly Ballet flat from Sportsgirl {$49.95}. The shoe is a basic black with trim but the back {pictured} has gorgeous glitter which I adore {and is what drew me to them in the first place} and what makes this shoe perfect for everyday {rather than an entire flat covered in glitter}. I purchased my pair online {with free shipping} and got a size 6. The shoe feels a bit snug, but wearable, still it might be best to go one size up. 

All white scalloped crockery. In love. These plates and bowls are from Ikea and range from $4.99 - $3.99. I purchased an 18 piece pack that included 6 dinner plates, 6 small plates and 6 deep bowls and then purchased 6 smaller bowls individually. Sometimes I catch myself staring for too long at the drawer where these are housed. It's something about the white that makes me happy.

I could feel myself getting sick yesterday so of course I had to stuff my face with all sorts of yummy food {donuts, sour lollies and Fantales}. Then even though I was stuffed I wondered if a cinnamon donut and Nutella would taste good. Turns out it's delicious. 

I love that Bailey now eats her lunch at her very own table and chair {from Ikea}. She's had the table for a while but the chair is new, as is their position in the lounge room. She's obsessed with sitting here now and I love to sit and watch her sit. She looks so grown up.

Lastly, I love this photo of my {scruffy} Husband and Bailey holding hands and walking. The weather is getting warmer so we've been able to dress Bailey in skirts and dresses again. When I saw them looking this adorable together I had to stand back and snap a picture. Aw.

Have a wonderful weekend x

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