Friday Loves

This week has felt ridiculously long and I can't wait for the day to leave and night to come. This week all my Friday Loves involve food. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I love food or maybe because when it's been a rough day food, usually involving chocolate, seems like, and generally is, the best answer.

Husband made me a batch of chocolate dipped strawberries on Wednesday night as a little pick me up. This would have to be one of my favourite desserts and eating them makes me feel instantly better. Of course, the at-home version will never live up to the ones you can buy at the shops but it lessens my never ending craving.

One of my friends shared this image on Facebook yesterday and I couldn't resist sharing it too. I kept on going back to it today and wondering how the heck these were made and how I could get my hands on one. Or two. Aren't they amazing and such a wonderful take on the normal macaron? 

Lastly, I am loving a rediscovery of sorts. This is the cake we had made for Bailey's 1st birthday party way back in June. It's based on her favourite song The Ning Nang Nong and was made by Frances from Love2Cake. This lady is seriously amazing and when I saw the cake she had made for Bailey I was almost speechless. It constantly amazes me that people are so talented. To top it off, not only did this cake look amazing {seriously people kept coming up to me and asking me if I made it/where it was from} but it tasted delicious. It was the most complex and delicious tasting vanilla cake I had ever had.
*the price for this cake {including GST} was $286. It might seem expensive but all the thought and detail made it well worth it. Frances was also a joy to work with. If you want to see more of her cakes/contact her - visit her website: http://love2cake.net/

Have a wonderful weekend x

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