Etsy Obsessions

When my week has been long and hard one of the first things to go is my obsessive Etsy stalking {hence the last few bare posts}. I blame teething. This week I've managed to become quite the stalker again and I've found many delicious goodies that I can't wait to share.

I'm not the biggest flower fan in the world. As a "sorry" present I think they're terribly cliche and I don't tend to buy or receive them. I can't even remember the name of the flower I had in my wedding bouquet. I also hate that flowers die. It makes me sad. So much so that if I do have any flowers in a vase I tend to leave them until the smell gets too much just because I can't don't want to part with them. It's just too much... I think I'd rather something like these Pom Pom Flowers from Etsy because they wouldn't require much effort and they're cute.

I'm always drawn to "love" cushions. For some reason they make me ridiculously happy. I like to be reminded that I have people who love me because sometimes it's easy to forget. This Vintage Peach Love Cushion is my absolute favourite but I also love this, this and this.

An obsession with cookie stamps seems kind of random but it all stems from the Owl Ceramic Cookie Stamp above. It's an owl so how could I not love it? I also love the idea of this Custom Cookie Stamp

I fell in love with cat eye sunglasses when I started watching movies starring Monroe and Hepburn. When I think of Etsy I don't always think of things like these Black Cat Eye Sunglasses so when I happen upon them I'm always pleasantly surprised. 

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest- because there's always more.

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