Etsy Obsessions: Owl Edition

Anybody that knows me really well will know that I love owls. In fact, as each day passes I grow more obsessed with them. The actual animal freaks me out but I adore the cute little figurines and stuffed toys you can buy. If you were to ever visit my home you would see owls in almost every room - all different, all with a little story behind them. Etsy is full of owls {maybe that's why I love it so much?} and for months I have been on the hunt for owl products that I can fill my home with. Here are my current obsessions.

I'm so in love with this little guy I can't even begin to describe how much I'd love to put him in my garden. Preferrably somewhere the dogs couldn't get to him. I feel his name is Henry. As I'm writing this I realise there aren't many things I can say about owls {aside from: aww, adorable, sweet, etc} so I'll keep it short and sweet.

I'm also loving these decorative owls herehere and here

Owls are a recurring theme in Bailey's bedroom and playroom and I'm always looking for more things to add to her collection. I adore this gift set of plush owl and blanket and wish that I had of found something like this before Bailey was born. I think this would make the perfect gift for an expecting friend - this one especially if they don't know/haven't revealed the gender.

I'm also loving these children's owls here, here and here.

I ordered 3 of a similar owl from the same Etsy seller as first birthday presents for my nephew Kai, Bailey's friend Zara and for Bailey and I am still in love with the idea {see an example of the owl here}. I was sad to see that those owls are no longer listed on the store but the one above is still precious and a gorgeous keepsake. 

I adore the simplicity of this muslin baby blanket with pink stamped owl. This would be perfect blanket in the warmer months. This blanket can also be personalised which makes me want to buy it right now.

I couldn't help but feature this owl baby blanket as welll. I think my hunt for the perfect baby blanket for Bailey is officially over...

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest- because there's always more.

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