Birthday Wishlist

5. Recipes I Love - Typo - $24.95

On October 10 I'll be 25. When did that even happen? I'm dreading this age. 25 feels so old. For so long it's been my scary age. The age I wanted to have everything done by. I wanted to have a degree, get married, have a child, have a house and have my novel published. Out of the 5 I've done 3. Part of me feels so proud of everything I've done but another part is annoyed that we're still renting and my novel is at a standstill. Despite everything I am so happy with how my life has turned out and how grateful I am that I have been blessed with Bailey. As soppy as it sounds every birthday will be better than the last with her around.

Still... great presents will make every birthday even greater. This year I'm obsessed with finally getting my hands on a stand mixer {preferably a compact one like 1 and 2 above}, a cute recipe folder/book to put my favourite recipes in and a pretty picnic basket. Husband take note.

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