3 Make Up Items You Need {for the eyes}

1. Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara - creates a gorgeous length and curl. Curl your lashes first then do two coats with this mascara
2. Stila In The Light Palette - features Stila's most popular eye shadow Kitten and 9 others. Also comes with a Stila liner in Damsel {a dark brown that applies amazingly well}
3. Urban Decay Naked Palette - this is the original Naked Palette and, in my opinion is far superior to the Naked 2. Love all the colours in this palette {even the dark ones} except for Naked {seems weird to admit but it just doesn't blend well}. Also not a fan of the Urban Decay Primer Potion but those negatives can be ignored because the rest is fabulous. The brush it comes with is pretty great too.
{all items from Beauty Bay - love this website}

It might seem ridiculous to have 2 eye shadow palettes as "must haves" but I promise it's not. Both palettes are great to use alone and together.

All 3 items are absolute essentials for my eyes and thanks to Beauty Bay I can have them in my collection without having to pay ridiculous prices*. Go buy them now. You won't regret it.

*I should note that I actually received the Naked Palette as a gift from a friend for my baby shower {one of the best presents ever}. She got it from America {not sure from where}. 

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