Friday Loves

My nephew Kai and Bailey. That is all...


Etsy Obsessions

When my week has been long and hard one of the first things to go is my obsessive Etsy stalking {hence the last few bare posts}. I blame teething. This week I've managed to become quite the stalker again and I've found many delicious goodies that I can't wait to share.

I'm not the biggest flower fan in the world. As a "sorry" present I think they're terribly cliche and I don't tend to buy or receive them. I can't even remember the name of the flower I had in my wedding bouquet. I also hate that flowers die. It makes me sad. So much so that if I do have any flowers in a vase I tend to leave them until the smell gets too much just because I can't don't want to part with them. It's just too much... I think I'd rather something like these Pom Pom Flowers from Etsy because they wouldn't require much effort and they're cute.

I'm always drawn to "love" cushions. For some reason they make me ridiculously happy. I like to be reminded that I have people who love me because sometimes it's easy to forget. This Vintage Peach Love Cushion is my absolute favourite but I also love this, this and this.

An obsession with cookie stamps seems kind of random but it all stems from the Owl Ceramic Cookie Stamp above. It's an owl so how could I not love it? I also love the idea of this Custom Cookie Stamp

I fell in love with cat eye sunglasses when I started watching movies starring Monroe and Hepburn. When I think of Etsy I don't always think of things like these Black Cat Eye Sunglasses so when I happen upon them I'm always pleasantly surprised. 

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest- because there's always more.


"Shopping" My Stash

Too often I fall into a routine of buying new make up products after a few weeks of using the same thing. After sitting down and realistically looking at my make up stash I realised just how ridiculous this way of thinking was. Hopefully this change sticks because I'm actually having a lot of fun "shopping" my make up stash. Here's what I've been using lately.

click to enlarge 

Products from left to right:
Australis Primer - buy online: used when going out at night or for a long day out
MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion - buy online: used on cheekbones or combined with a matte foundation
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - buy online: used mixed in with L'Oreal foundation, as an alternative primer or under Nude By Nature minerals
L'Oreal Lumi Maqique Foundation : used alone or mixed in BB Cream
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer & Illuminator: used only as illuminator under eyes and around nose
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in "Smooth Merge": used as highlighter, blush and eye shadow. Best make up purchase ever. If you can find it buy it!
Too Faced Lashgasm - buy online: used after curling lashes - two coats
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - buy online: used lightly on top of liquid foundation if needed
Urban Decay Naked Palette - buy online: used alone or with other eye-shadows
Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer: used under eyes and on blemishes
Nars Blush in "Zen" - buy online: used as a bronzer and for contour
Bloom Eyebrow Gel - buy online: used to groom brows and help them stay in place after applying brow pencil
Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil - buy online: used to fill in gaps in brows
Nude By Nature Lip Liner - buy online: used to lightly line and fill lips


J Review: The Washcloth

You might have heard all the hyped-up talk of muslin cloths and/or the Clarisonic and while I do adore the benefits of the latter I want to talk about the plain old washcloth {also known as flannel}.

This is what I'm currently using in place of my Clarisonic {I keep on forgetting to buy a new brush head} when I wash my face. I use it morning and night {I feel my skin needs it twice a day} and replace the cloth at the end of the second night of use. 

Here's what you need to do: apply cleanser to your face in a rubbing motion and leave for a minute or two. Dampen cloth with warm water and rub into skin in a gentle circular motion. Concentrate on problem areas and be gentle on cheeks. Rinse face and washcloth. Done.

Simple right? While the washcloth isn't as good as the Clarisonic {if the Clarisonic rates 100/100 I'd say the washcloth is 90/100} it is easier and nowhere near as expensive. The Clarisonic costs $150+ {not including the $35 cost of replacing the brush head every 3-4 months} a washcloth can cost as little as 50 cents and it does the job. It helps to reduce pore size and blackheads which is what I look for when it comes to my face cleansing routine. 

Right now I'd happily retire my Clarisonic and continue using cloths to wash my face with. I like that it doesn't cost me anything and love the simplicity. 

If after washing your face your skin still feels rough I'd happily recommend a washcloth. It might seem ridiculously simple but it's not something many people think of as a cleansing aid. Pick up a pack of the ones they sell for babies/children since they aren't as harsh and use as your skin needs.

J Tip: Use the washcloth along with your body wash and do the same routine you'd do with your face on your body for exfoliation in place of a body scrub.


Birthday Wishlist

5. Recipes I Love - Typo - $24.95

On October 10 I'll be 25. When did that even happen? I'm dreading this age. 25 feels so old. For so long it's been my scary age. The age I wanted to have everything done by. I wanted to have a degree, get married, have a child, have a house and have my novel published. Out of the 5 I've done 3. Part of me feels so proud of everything I've done but another part is annoyed that we're still renting and my novel is at a standstill. Despite everything I am so happy with how my life has turned out and how grateful I am that I have been blessed with Bailey. As soppy as it sounds every birthday will be better than the last with her around.

Still... great presents will make every birthday even greater. This year I'm obsessed with finally getting my hands on a stand mixer {preferably a compact one like 1 and 2 above}, a cute recipe folder/book to put my favourite recipes in and a pretty picnic basket. Husband take note.


Friday Loves

On Sunday my sister and I took my brother's girlfriend to the Tea Room at QVB to celebrate her baby boy's imminent arrival {another nephew!} and while it will never live up to the high tea at The Langham {go there now!} it was amazing. I want to go back and swap the green tea for some sparkling wine. 

After years of hating candles I randomly decided I like them. I came across this smitten range of candles from hard to find and the differing scents amaze me and also make me hungry.

My new owl - who I decided to name Percy. He will house some of my most used make up brushes and I adore him. I discovered him while doing my Owl Etsy Obsessions and just had to scoop him up. 

New shoes purchased within the last 2 weeks. L-R: Nine West {no longer available}, Mollini, last 2 from Shoe Box. These make me so happy, particularly the first two. I love my new casual purchases but I would marry the dressier pair. Gosh they're gorgeous.

Lastly, the best lolly in the whole world. Sour Zoo. Not just a Friday love but a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday love. If you like sour lollies you will LOVE these. They're not as sour as lollies were when I was a kid but they're deliciously tangy and always hit the spot when my body craves sourness. I pick mine up from Aldi {have never seen them anywhere else and no other lolly from Haribo compares}.

Have a wonderful weekend x


Grocery Store Finds

Whenever I go to Coles for my big monthly shop I am guaranteed to spend the majority of my time in the health and beauty aisle. I'm quite obsessed with trying to find my holy grail products at the supermarket {or Priceline}. After trying many expensive products that ruined my skin for over a year I now refuse to believe that pricey products are better and have my heart set on using supermarket products until the end of time. Here are my current purchases - some picked up out of necessity and others just because.

I'm always swapping my shampoo and conditioner. I'm yet to find one that amazes me and makes me go back and buy more {expensive or cheap}. This is the Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture for dry/lifeless hair. My hair is thin and flat and isn't really dry but it can be lifeless so hopefully this works well and anything with a coconut on the packaging gets my vote.

Palmer's Daily Facial Lotion with SPF15 {have never used}, Palmer's Purifying Mask {I had run out so needed to repurchase - I will never give this up} and Palmer's Rejuvenating Facial Serum {have never used but wanted to give the Rosehip Oil a break and try something like this}. I really adore the Palmer's skincare range. It makes my skin glow.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser {have never used but I like the feel}, St. Ives Apricot Scrub {have never used but doesn't feel too rough} and Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Overnight Hydrating Cream {have never used but the "hydrating cream" lured me in and I'm almost 25 so I should start with the ant-ageing right?}. 

Hopefully all these products work out well for me. If I love or hate something I'll make sure to let you know.


Etsy Obsessions: Crayons

This week I am obsessed with all things crayons. And not regular crayons - cool Etsy crayons. I already have a Christmas themed colouring book as a Christmas present for Bailey but am yet to find crayons I deem good enough. That is until I found these. Now I just need to decide which to buy.

I think my nephew needs these

Did you know I love owls?

How gorgeous are these? I love the box they come with.

So now I just need to decide which ones to buy. And hope that I don't come across more to add to my obsessions list. And now I'm even more excited for Christmas where I imagine Bailey will receive this present and she and I will colour for hours all day every day. Yes, I still love to colour.

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest- because there's always more.


Flashback: Bailey At 6 Months

6 months old {actually only a few days off 7 months} at the park with her dad
Honestly the cutest kid ever

They grow up so fast. It feels like Bailey grew up too fast but she's still as weird and gorgeous as ever
Gosh I love her

It would be a little less than 5 months before she would start walking
She'd been crawling for over a month, celebrated her first Christmas and her first New Years
And she actually kept her hat on - can't believe it


J Review: Strawberry Picking

I must admit I don't shop at The Body Shop too much but of the products I do have {or have had in the past - like this} I adore. The smell. The texture. The way they make your body feel. Delicious. 

I'm currently obsessed with everything in their strawberry range but I've only had the chance to use the two products above. They both smell delicious and while the scent isn't long lasting it does leave your skin with a slight hint of strawberry for a few hours and it doesn't destroy any fragrance you choose to wear.

The lotion is: a light, refreshing moisturiser with strawberry pulp, rich in antioxidants and fruit acids to help refine skin and strawberry seed oil to help protect.

The best thing? You can put clothes on right after applying without that greasy feeling.

The body polish is: a fragrant, foaming, gel-based scrub that's gentle to use everyday.

I love that it doesn't feel like it tears my skin. It's not too rough and doesn't burn my skin like many other scrubs tend to do.

I don't use these products every day just because I want to savour them but these are, by far, the best scrub and lotion I have come across.

And because I love them so much I now need these other Body Shop goodies...


3 Make Up Items You Need {for the eyes}

1. Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara - creates a gorgeous length and curl. Curl your lashes first then do two coats with this mascara
2. Stila In The Light Palette - features Stila's most popular eye shadow Kitten and 9 others. Also comes with a Stila liner in Damsel {a dark brown that applies amazingly well}
3. Urban Decay Naked Palette - this is the original Naked Palette and, in my opinion is far superior to the Naked 2. Love all the colours in this palette {even the dark ones} except for Naked {seems weird to admit but it just doesn't blend well}. Also not a fan of the Urban Decay Primer Potion but those negatives can be ignored because the rest is fabulous. The brush it comes with is pretty great too.
{all items from Beauty Bay - love this website}

It might seem ridiculous to have 2 eye shadow palettes as "must haves" but I promise it's not. Both palettes are great to use alone and together.

All 3 items are absolute essentials for my eyes and thanks to Beauty Bay I can have them in my collection without having to pay ridiculous prices*. Go buy them now. You won't regret it.

*I should note that I actually received the Naked Palette as a gift from a friend for my baby shower {one of the best presents ever}. She got it from America {not sure from where}. 


Friday Loves

I have a new found love for shoes. Compounded with my new found love for online shopping this week has resulted in some new shoes and I can't wait to receive them in the mail.

You would not believe how long it took me to find a suitable nude patent flat. I almost had to buy these Tory Burch flats from Nordstrom but then I came across these and decided they were the perfect option {though I'd still like a pair of Tory Burch flats to add to my collection}.

I didn't need these but they were on sale so I had to have them. The flats also come in gold {which I also love and I also ordered but was informed, after ordering, that they were out of stock- who does that!}. Lets just hope that the glitter on these doesn't fall everywhere.

These 2 shoe orders, along with a Myer and Forever New order, have brightened a very long and exhausting week. 

Have a good weekend x


Etsy Obsessions: Blackboard

This week I'm ridiculosly obsessed with blackboard related items on Etsy. Obsessed. Here's why...

I imagine these would be fun for Bailey and for me. It's such a simple idea but one I'd never think of in a million years.

I love this idea to keep track of the family appointments {like we have so many}. Much more fun than a regular old calendar.

These would go perfect in Husband's herb garden.

Of course, there are many more blackboard goodies on Etsy. It would be impossible to list them all, as much as I would love to. Find more obsessions here, here, here and here

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest- because there's always more. 


J Review: Zoë Foster's Amazing Face

I hope my title isn't deceiving. I'm not some stalker obsessed-fan type dedicating an entire post to Zoë Foster's actual face. Nope, I want to talk about her book Amazing Face. I received this book as a gift from my Husband for my birthday last year and now, almost a year later, I'm still flicking through it. I love it.

What I love most? The fact it has great tips, great product recommendations from a wide variety of brands and that it's written in true Foster style.

About the book, Penguin says: sometimes a lady just needs to know how to do the definitive smoky eye, or how to choose the perfect shade of lipstick or eye shadow. And there's no reason she shouldn't know which foundation or moisturiser is best for her, either. All the answers are here, in this top-to-toe beauty extravaganza. Former Cosmopolitan and Harper's BAZAAR beauty director Zoë Foster suggests makeup colours and brands for every occasion, skin care routines and products for every age, and step-by-step instructions for winged eyeliner, sensational red lips, foolproof tanning, simple updos, sexy-second day hair and much, much more. 

Amazing Face includes everything you could possibly need for now and the future {with tips for all age groups}. Foster doesn't tell you what to do she just provides recommendations and tips. She's not bossy. Actually, scratch that, she is bossy but in the fun way fans of Foster know and love. This book is also gorgeous on the inside and out. It's so amazingly well done and fun.

Here are some of my favourite parts...

I already knew we were meant to think this way before reading the book but I often forgot. Since seeing this I've never forgotten that my face stops at my boobs. I love the design here.

Makes so much sense and I always try and make sure to remember this when I do my make up. I love how the foundation is heavy and the concealer is light in the picture- something to also keep in mind when applying your concealer. If you don't apply it right you shouldn't bother applying it all.

This is my favourite tip. I always used to put my foundation and concealer on first and then wonder why I had to redo it after applying my eye shadow. Gosh I was naive. Even the best eye shadow's will have some fall out, especially if you're using one with glitter in it. It only makes sense to do your eyes first so you're not getting that fallout all over your gorgeously done face. That was a bit of a "duh!" moment for me. Ever since I've started doing my eyes first my make up has looked so much better and application time is shorter. Hooray for Foster!

If you don't have this book I recommend you go buy it now. It covers makeup, hair, body and skin care - everything essential to you looking and feeling your best. And that's what Amazing Face does it helps you to look and feel your best and to have fun while doing so.


Friday Loves

This week was a vast improvement from last week. Bailey is better and back to her normal self and even though I can feel a cold coming on I feel much happier and less stressed. I didn't have to resort to devouring Nutella which is always a good sign. On Wednesday Husband worked from home and woke me at 10am with tea and homemade blueberry muffin tops in bed followed by a back massage after he had put Bailey down for a nap. To say I feel insanely lucky is an understatement {even though these acts happened because of an argument the night before}. He sure knows how to make a wife feel appreciated. Here are my Friday Loves for this week...

New shoes. The Milly Ballet flat from Sportsgirl {$49.95}. The shoe is a basic black with trim but the back {pictured} has gorgeous glitter which I adore {and is what drew me to them in the first place} and what makes this shoe perfect for everyday {rather than an entire flat covered in glitter}. I purchased my pair online {with free shipping} and got a size 6. The shoe feels a bit snug, but wearable, still it might be best to go one size up. 

All white scalloped crockery. In love. These plates and bowls are from Ikea and range from $4.99 - $3.99. I purchased an 18 piece pack that included 6 dinner plates, 6 small plates and 6 deep bowls and then purchased 6 smaller bowls individually. Sometimes I catch myself staring for too long at the drawer where these are housed. It's something about the white that makes me happy.

I could feel myself getting sick yesterday so of course I had to stuff my face with all sorts of yummy food {donuts, sour lollies and Fantales}. Then even though I was stuffed I wondered if a cinnamon donut and Nutella would taste good. Turns out it's delicious. 

I love that Bailey now eats her lunch at her very own table and chair {from Ikea}. She's had the table for a while but the chair is new, as is their position in the lounge room. She's obsessed with sitting here now and I love to sit and watch her sit. She looks so grown up.

Lastly, I love this photo of my {scruffy} Husband and Bailey holding hands and walking. The weather is getting warmer so we've been able to dress Bailey in skirts and dresses again. When I saw them looking this adorable together I had to stand back and snap a picture. Aw.

Have a wonderful weekend x


Baby Products as Beauty Products

If there's one thing I've learnt during these 14 months at home with Bailey is that sometimes you just have to make do. As much as I didn't want it to my beauty routine has definitely changed since she came into the world. The surprising thing to learn was that it wasn't a bad thing. In fact, doing all the beauty things I have to do each day/week/month has become infinitely easier and it's all because I've been dipping into the box under Bailey's change table that houses all her baby products. 

1. Johnson's Baby Oil: use this for at-home massages, particularly useful on your back, and when shaving your legs {this is my favourite use}. Rub the oil onto dry legs before you jump in the shower. The oil stays on your legs while you shave them. It works much better than a shaving cream or soap and also has the added benefits of a moisturiser after your shower. After drying yourself there should be some residue. Rub that into your legs and you won't need to fuss with the added step of moisturising after shaving. 

2. Johnson's Baby Powder: use this as a substitute for a dry shampoo - just make sure it rubs into your hair properly. I get a day or two off from washing my hair when I use this. I also like to use the powder to stop myself sweating so much {if I'm in a situation where I will}. I know we're supposed to let our bodies sweat but I don't like to so I just pat some of the powder in high sweat areas and go. It works wonderfully.

3. Johnson's Baby Shampoo: if you don't like to use oil on your body or don't have any you can use the shampoo as a lubricant when shaving your legs. It works well but it does wash off in the shower so you might have to reapply the product onto your legs during shaving. Mostly I use the baby shampoo to wash my make up brushes and sponges with. The shampoo works well because it's gentle and doesn't have a strong smell. It also cleans them really well and rinses out easily.

4. Comfy Bots Baby Wipes: this particular brand works well for taking eye makeup off because it doesn't sting my eyes or irritate any sensitive areas on my skin. The wipes take off makeup just as well as any special makeup removing cloths and because I always have them in my house I don't have to spend any extra money on my own wipes. A pack of 6 Comfy Bots wipes {exclusive to Coles} is $10 and with 80 wipes a pack they'll last you for ages. I always keep one pack in my makeup area. Aside from removing makeup from your face these wipes are also great for: removing any makeup from your hands or fingers, cleaning any mess on surfaces in your makeup area/bathroom, etc and also they're great for keeping in your bag to wipe your hands with while you're out and about or freshening up a little during a long day {or when your hot water is not working and you feel icky - trust me I've been there}.

Sometimes beauty really is as simple as going back to your roots.

* You could use any brand you have available - it doesn't need to be Johnson's or Comfy Bots, however, I have been experimenting over the last 14 months and these are the brands that work best for me. They're also inexpensive which is an added bonus. 


Etsy Obsessions: Owl Edition

Anybody that knows me really well will know that I love owls. In fact, as each day passes I grow more obsessed with them. The actual animal freaks me out but I adore the cute little figurines and stuffed toys you can buy. If you were to ever visit my home you would see owls in almost every room - all different, all with a little story behind them. Etsy is full of owls {maybe that's why I love it so much?} and for months I have been on the hunt for owl products that I can fill my home with. Here are my current obsessions.

I'm so in love with this little guy I can't even begin to describe how much I'd love to put him in my garden. Preferrably somewhere the dogs couldn't get to him. I feel his name is Henry. As I'm writing this I realise there aren't many things I can say about owls {aside from: aww, adorable, sweet, etc} so I'll keep it short and sweet.

I'm also loving these decorative owls herehere and here

Owls are a recurring theme in Bailey's bedroom and playroom and I'm always looking for more things to add to her collection. I adore this gift set of plush owl and blanket and wish that I had of found something like this before Bailey was born. I think this would make the perfect gift for an expecting friend - this one especially if they don't know/haven't revealed the gender.

I'm also loving these children's owls here, here and here.

I ordered 3 of a similar owl from the same Etsy seller as first birthday presents for my nephew Kai, Bailey's friend Zara and for Bailey and I am still in love with the idea {see an example of the owl here}. I was sad to see that those owls are no longer listed on the store but the one above is still precious and a gorgeous keepsake. 

I adore the simplicity of this muslin baby blanket with pink stamped owl. This would be perfect blanket in the warmer months. This blanket can also be personalised which makes me want to buy it right now.

I couldn't help but feature this owl baby blanket as welll. I think my hunt for the perfect baby blanket for Bailey is officially over...

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest- because there's always more.


J Review: Palmer's Purifying Face Mask

I adore face masks, especially those of the clay variety. This Palmer's face mask is my absolute favourite. I am yet to find one that I adore as much as this so, I feel, it rightly deserves its place in this Monday Review.

Palmer's saypacked with essential oils, this natural Kaolin Clay and Sweet Almond Oil Purifying Mask is a pampering treat for skin. It gently dries and draws out impurities leaving skin feeling fresh, revived and soothed. Cocoa and Shea Butters impart a gentle moisture while Aloe, Chamomile and Milk Proteins purify to leave you with radiant looking skin. Ideal for dull, stressed and irritated skin leaving it fresh, clean and smooth.

I say
* It doesn't break me out when I use it {many face masks including Dermalogica do break me out. It's hard for me to find one that doesn't}
* It doesn't irritate my skin
* I can keep it on for 30 minutes without it making me feel like my face is on fire
* It's useful for spot work {on breakouts}. It draws out all the yuck stuff from the pimple and helps minimise their life
* Once the mask is taken off {which is easy to do} my skin doesn't feel thirsty

Palmer's Directions: apply a thin layer of mask to cleansed face, avoiding eye area. Leave on for up to 10 minutes while a light drying occurs. Rinse thoroughly with water or remove with a damp wash cloth. Follow with your favourite moisturiser. Use 1-3 times per week or as desired. 

How I Use: after thoroughly cleansing and drying apply the product to your face {sometimes I apply all the way down to where my boobs start}. Leave product until completely dry {I find this often takes 20-30 minutes} or until it starts to become uncomfortable on skin {again 20-30 minutes}. Remove with a lukewarm wash cloth in a slight scrubby {is that even a word?} motion. Dry face and apply a rosehip oil {like this one from Trilogy}. Use 2-3 times a week.

I like to do this routine every third day after my evening shower and, as lame as this might sound, if I'm having a bad day I like to pop a layer of this on. For some reason, as soon as I've completed the routine I feel infinitely more capable to deal with the stresses ahead. 

You can purchase this product wherever Palmer's is stocked, however, I should note that, at times, it is difficult to find because it is either: a) sold out or b) not stocked at that particular store. I pick mine up during food shopping expeditions, at Coles, where it retails for around $10.

A clay mask is a must have product in everyone's beauty/skincare regime and I would recommend the Palmer's version over and over again. I even have my Husband onto it {for his oily t-zone} and it works wonders on his skin even though we have wildly different skin types.

J Tip 1: put a tiny amount of this product onto breakouts, whenever they appear, just before you go to bed and leave on overnight. Works a treat.

J Tip 2: when you can't squeeze any more of the product out of the tube cut the top off. When you do you'll see just how much product is still in there. And don't worry - this won't dry the product out, just wrap tightly in glad wrap after each use.


things i never thought i'd see or do with a baby in tow

Having a baby with gastro this past week has been challenging. Bailey has been sick before but never that sick. She has had colds but has been so normal during those times that I'm always left stunned and jealous that she deals with being sick so well. This gastro has been different. When she's not crying she's irritable and when she's neither or all of those things she's not eating, having trouble falling asleep or she's clawing at you asking for something that you can't figure out. The past week has pushed me to my limits. I've been in tears more times than I count. I've been stressing myself to the point of exhausted and I've doubted my abilities as a mother. There are many things you don't think about before you have a baby. My inability to separate and deal with illness was one of them but there have been others that, when looking back, seem much more humorous than tears and tantrums...

. Looking up to see my Husband covered in what looks like vomit but is really poo that has leaked out of Bailey's nappy and all over his clothes.
. Trying to take a sample of Bailey's poo for the Doctor only to find that the scoop won't break it properly. Cue stuffing the entire poo into the sample cup while trying not to vomit.
. Getting locked out of the house by my child with no keys, no phone and no way to get back inside only to find a crowbar type object, 15 tear filled minutes later, and climbing through a tiny window and into our kitchen sink.

This is only a small amount of all the weird and wonderful things being a parent has to offer. Seeing your child dive, head first, off the couch and land on their head and hearing them crack up at the action is also up there, along with so many other things. It's impossible to list them all.

Having Bailey is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I try to always be positive but, let's face facts, this week has been complete and utter shit. At times I've wanted to give up, go back to work and put Bailey in day care so I wouldn't have to go through this again. Then I realised if that happened I'd never have so many fun stories to tell. The majority involving poop, of course.