J Review: Manicare Precision Blending Sponge

Last week on my Monday Review I wrote about the Beauty Blender {read that review here}. Today I want to talk about a similar product - the Manicare Precision Blending Sponge. Compared to the Beauty Blender, which is priced at $20USD, this sponge costs $7.95 and can be picked up in stores like Priceline and where Manicare is stocked.

This sponge is a lot different to the Beauty Blender and in many ways is a lesser product, however, it does what it needs to do. I wouldn't consider it a bad product at all. Like the Beauty Blender it has the big base and the pointy tip {which is great for applying concealer to tricky spots like under the eyes and around the nose}. It blends products well but doesn't provide the finish that I talked about with the Beauty Blender. For this reason I always reach for the Beauty Blender but when that sponge is dirty {and I can't be bothered cleaning it} I always go for this sponge above my foundation brushes and above my 187 and 188 stippling brushes. Considering the quality of those brushes I feel that's saying something.  

The 3D latex sponge is touted as "ensuring a mess free and streak free application. It features a rounded edge perfect to use on the cheeks and forehead while the pointed end is ideal for intricate spots and angles. Non-allergenic and antibacterial".

The sponge does all that - no misleading information there. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and has never broken me out. Win win.

To apply my foundation with the sponge I apply a small amount of product onto my hand and then, with a seesaw type motion, I roll the bottom of the sponge over it. I then dab onto my face and blend as needed. If you read my review on the Beauty Blender you will see I use almost exactly the same technique, however, I do not dip this sponge in water because it just doesn't work like that. Sometimes I will spritz the clean sponge with my Evian facial spray because I feel like it does something or maybe I'm just delusional.

If this were a post on the Beauty Blender vs. Manicare Sponge {which it seems like it's turning into} I would recommend the Beauty Blender over and over again. However, if you don't want to spend the $20USD + shipping on the Beauty Blender or if you can't access one I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you pick up the Manicare version. It does the job which is what we all want isn't it?

Tip: if you want that glowly finish with this sponge just use a foundation that achieves the finish alone. I love: Revlon PhotoReady and Loreal Lumi Magique Foundation

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