J Review: Garnier BB Cream

The Garnier BB Cream is one of my must have products {I should admit that this is the only BB cream I own so I can't compare it to others}. I tend to wear this product during the day when I am at home with Bailey. It's easy to apply {I always mix it with my moisturiser - more on that below} and lasts for quite a while if I'm not doing anything too strenuous. If I'm going out and want to wear this product {which happens quite often. If I'm going out for dinner or a place I'd regularly wear foundation to and whichever foundation I chose is just not working I always grab my BB Cream and wonder why I didn't pick it in the beginning} I might add a primer underneath and blend in some of my Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation over the top to ensure that it lasts longer than usual. 

For those not in the know...

The Blemish Balm {BB} was a soothing cream used by German dermatologists to calm and sooth skin after facial peels and other procedures. The product was introduced in Korea and adopted by celebrities who shared their beauty secret with fans.

The Garnier BB Cream {along with many others} has 5 different benefits:

1. Hydrates for 24 hours - I have not tested this particular benefit as I'd never leave the product on for a full 24 hours, however, the cream doesn't dry out my skin and always leaves it feeling refreshed.
2. Evens tone - the product does this nicely. The coverage is higher than a tinted moisturiser but lower than a foundation. If you need more coverage, which sometimes I do, I'd suggest adding a mineral foundation like the one I mentioned above, lightly, over the top.
3. Corrects blemishes - I can only go by what I have heard in terms of this point, which is all positive things. I don't get many blemishes and when I do they are usually small and last for a day or two. I have noticed blemish scars that I've had for years being reduced lately but I can't honestly say it was all this product.
4. Boosts healthy glow - I love the glow it gives me, however, sometimes it's just too much which is why I love the look of the mineral foundation over the top.
5. UV Protection SPF 15 - any SPF that boosts the SPF in my moisturiser is an added bonus. I have very pale skin and have never burnt while out and wearing the cream.

Garnier says their product is: easy on sensitive skin, with a luxuriously light texture that conceals blemishes and optimises radiance, while protecting and nourishing your skin. A natural, healthy glow that is simply beautiful.

As you can see the benefits in using this product are huge and well worth the price you pay {$15.14 at Coles}. The tube is 50ml and colour selections come in light and medium. I have the one in light and if I had to list a con {aside from the light coverage on bad skin days} it would be the colour. The light is still very dark and can come across as too orange if not blended properly. This issue is easily fixed with the addition of moisturiser. Adding the moisturiser also makes the product creamier and much easier to apply. I also find that it's more hydrating than before. 

This is how I use my product...

1. Apply BB Cream to a clean and dry hand. This product does squeeze a large amount out so be careful.
I've included the second picture to show just how dark this product is for my skin when blended out a little. As mentioned above, this is the light colour.

2. Apply a small amount of mosituriser on top of the BB Cream and combine together with a clean finger.
3. Blend mix of BB Cream and moisturiser onto your skin until all combined.

*Remember that your neck and decolletage should be considered as part of your face so apply your product down on those parts as well as your face. 

I have integrated this cream into my everyday essentials because it's the easiest and best product I have come across to use for everyday. I am currently squeezing the last of this product out of my tube and when I'm finished I will be repurchasing again.

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