J Review: Beauty Blender

When I first started out with make up, when I was still in high school, I barely knew beauty tools existed. I used my hands for the majority of my make up application, I believed eyelash curlers were a waste of time and money and I applied eyeshadow {using silver on it's own} with the sponge tip applicators they give you with your product. How times have changed... I am now obsessed with beauty tools. For a few years I thought sponges were evil and brushes were the only way to go, until late last year when I happened upon the Beauty Blender. Behold

I found this product on one of my many random searches through make up sites as I lusted over products I didn't particularly need. Purchased from Kiss and Makeup {an online store based in the US} at only $20USD this product answered all my dreams. At first I wasn't sure how to use it and, of course, me being me, I threw away the instructions before reading them. I didn't have much to go by in terms of application rules so I experimented without researching to see if I could find my favourite way to use it alone. For months I used this product dry and I was in love. The sponge helps blend products with such ease, leaving you with an amazing, flawless finish. I am a liquid foundation girl, for the most part, and I feel that these two products are made for each other.

A few months after purchasing this product I happened upon a YouTube video of "beauty guru", Makeup By TiffanyD, where she wets {or rather, dampens} her sponge and my whole foundation application and look changed, for the better, in an instant.

The dampened sponge gives a more flawless and dewy coverage which I adore. I'm no expert but if you prefer a more matte coverage than I'd suggest sticking with the non-damp version {I've tried this application technique with a matte foundation and it still gives a nice dewy finish}. For those dewy lovers this is what I do:

1. Make sure that your Beauty Blender is clean {I deep clean mine once a week with Johnson's Baby Shampoo - the product does have it's own cleaner but I haven't purchased that}
2. Dip your blender into a cup/glass of water
3. Leave for a few seconds, making sure that the entire blender is covered with water. The blender will puff up in size
4. Remove from cup/glass and shake/squeeze free of excess water
5. Leave to dry a little on a clean surface

I complete all 5 steps after I moisturise but before I apply my primer. Don't stress too much if you leave it to dry longer than intended as the larger size of the blender and the dampness does last for quite a while. When it comes time to apply my foundation I squeeze a small amount onto my hand and then, with a seesaw type motion, roll the bottom of my blender over it. I then dab onto my face and blend as needed. Watch the video above for a visual demonstration.

Along with a good eyelash curler the Beauty Blender is one of my holy grail beauty products. It's an absolute must have in everyone's make up tool collection. I am yet to find this product in an actual shop in Australia but as I mentioned above you can purchase online from: Kiss and Makeup. I have also found it online at Beauty Bay

Go on, go buy it now.

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