Friday Loves

After 2 straight days with my Husband you might think I'm glad for some time away from him but I'm just not. I wish he was home. That's our relationship - we like to spend all our time together and miss each other when the other is not around. I'm looking forward to spending 2 more days with him and Bailey and, lamely, getting our new fridge delivered. So here's what I'm loving this Friday...

Husband and I watched this movie on Foxtel On Demand last night. It's funny and sad at the same time. Seth Rogen makes the movie and Anna Kendrick is as adorable as ever. The movie is based on a true story. Joesph Gordon Levitt is told that he has a rare form of cancer and has a 50/50 chance of survival. Watching him go through his struggles is completely heartbreaking. This film is a testament to JLG's acting ability. He's amazing. 

I discovered this tea at the buffet breakfast when we stayed at the Mercure Sydney and I fell in love, despite originally turning my nose up at the Jasmine flavour. I may have pocketed 2 teabags of this when we left the buffet {I reason this was okay because if we hadn't of left to get Bailey down for a nap I would have consumed 2 more cups of tea}. After a search we happened upon this flavour {and many others in the Dilmah Exceptional range} at Thornleigh Woolworths. They were $3.09 for a pack of 20. Usually I'll buy a pack of 50 from the Just Organic range for $1.99 but I think the price bump is worth it for a yummy cup of tea. 

Yesterday, on our way home from the hotel/visit to Darling Harbour, I decided we needed some cupcakes to finish off our 2 day anniversary celebration. We headed to Sparkle Cupcakes in Surry Hills which had a selection of about 4 cupcakes, none I wanted to eat, so Husband picked up some yummy cupcakes at the Cupcake Bakery in Castle Hill. We shared 3 while watching 50/50 last night and I turned the one above into a cupwich and munched it this morning after I woke up after 10.00 am {gotta love a Husband who lets you sleep in}.

Lastly, today I love naps. On Thursday, after our breakfast, Bailey went down for a nap and Husband and I managed to fall asleep too. Waking up in a gorgeous hotel bed was delicious. This morning I woke at 7.00 and was promptly "ordered" to go back up to bed by Husband when he saw me falling asleep on the couch. Husband watched Bailey until she went for a nap before 9.30 and I woke up just after 10. That was the most perfect start to my Friday. 

Have a wonderful weekend x

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