Friday Loves

Even though this week went quite quickly it felt far too long. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all a bust with a sick and teething baby {and a stressed out mummy a.k.a me}. Husband worked from home {and took us out for afternoon tea} on Thursday just so I could de-stress. Today is better and I am now officially in countdown/butterflies in stomach mode for our anniversary coming up on Wednesday. I'm almost wishing this weekend goes quickly. Almost. This weekend we have some of Bailey's friends coming for a visit and we'll be doing some clothes shopping for Husband. I hope to spend any down time relaxing and preparing for our night away. Here are my loves for this Friday.

I'm currently watching Parenthood season 1. It's taken over my obsessive watching of Mad Men season 2. I love this show and not just because I get to see Lauren Graham on my screen again {I miss Gilmore Girls}. It's so beautifully written and acted and while I don't have children the same age as the kids in the show I feel a connection to some of the feelings when it comes to parenting. I am also in love with the house of Julia Braverman-Graham {played by Erika Christensen} and often find myself in awe about how it's so jam packed with toys but looks so good. Sigh. I've fallen in love with the Braverman family and can't wait to catch up on all 3 seasons.

Last night Husband helped me create a little writing corner in the downstairs area of our house near the little alcove under our stairs. I've wanted one for ages but the idea of a desk doesn't appeal to me so I have a little table and a huge armchair with my 'G' pillow. Perfect.

Cute little anniversary cards are making me happy today. I honestly can not believe that I've been married for almost 2 years. This is my card to Husband that I picked up yesterday. For some reason cute cards make me happy and I can never bear to part with them. I dream that one day I'll frame the cutest and most special ones and sprinkle them amongst our family photos. 

Have a good weekend x

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