Friday Loves

I adore Friday's even though I don't have a regular 5 day working week. Friday means my Husband is home for 2 days straight. It's also the night of the DVD and yummy food and marks the beginning of the weekend where we're always bound to have fun in or out of the house. Here's what I'm loving this Friday

Nutella straight from the jar. Hits all the right spots after a very stressful morning involving dreams of a dead Husband and my darling one-year old locking me out of the house.

Still obsessed with Pinterest. Such a perfect place to gather all the images I love and style stalk others {including Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere}

I'm obsessed with Glee and I know I'm not supposed to admit this but I find myself loving most of their covers over the originals. Lea Michele's version of Total Eclipse of the Heart is my absolute favourite. I like to listen to it on repeat in the car and "sing" along.

Lastly, I love my Husband and Bailey. After above-mentioned traumatic morning they make me feel better like no other. Gosh I'm lucky.

Have a wonderful weekend x

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