Etsy Obsessions: Vintage Edition

* I'm doing my Etsy Obsessions one day earlier than usual for a few reasons. 1. tomorrow is my anniversary so I won't be around to do this post and; 2. I have scheduled an anniversary {read: corny} post for Wednesday and didn't want to post obsessively tomorrow. Etsy Obsessions will go back to being posted on Wednesday's from next week. For now, enjoy my vintage obsessions...

Lately I've been scouring Etsy for vintage toys for Bailey. I have my eye on a few vintage toy record players {like this} but this one from Fisher Price is my favourite. I'm not a fan of the majority of music players around for kids these days {does that make me sound old?} and would much rather buy Bailey one like this. It's $45USD, apparently, still works and even if it didn't I think this would be an amazing piece just for decoration in Bailey's playroom or bedroom.

For some reason I am more drawn to vintage stand mixers like the one above than the newer versions. Don't get me wrong I'd love a brand new KitchenAid but there's just something about a stand mixer that's a bit beaten up that makes me happy. This one is listed at $135USD but does not ship to Australia {cry}. I'm also loving more vintage stand mixers here, here and here.

When I think of myself writing I am either curled up in a big comfy armchair with a laptop or I'm seated at a vintage writing desk complete with a vintage typewriter. I've never used one and doubt I ever will. I'd have no idea how to but, gosh, I'd love one. I imagine that I'd be dedicated enough to write my entire novel on one of these. How gorgeous is it? This one is $100USD and not listed as shipping to Australia just like the stand mixer. I can't imagine how expensive shipping would be to get it here anyway. Find more vintage typewriters from Etsy here

I also adore this vintage toy Tom Thumb typewriter. For Bailey that is.

A few nights ago I decided I was fed up with my boring kitchenware. Plain white mixing bowls! Whoever heard of such a thing? Whilst searching Etsy in bed {which is where I conduct my best Etsy searches - true story} my brain pinged and decided to search for vintage Pyrex {which is weird because I don't own any Pyrex branded things and have never had any inclination to}. I came across these bowls, along with many other things, and while I don't think I'll ever want to pay $87.50USD for them I did fall in instant lust. They are so pretty. I also love this Pyrex Casserole Set in the same colour scheme as the bowls

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest- because there's always more.

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