An Anniversary According to My iPhone

..with help from Pic Jointer

1. Food {Part One} - breakfast in bed, lunch at Pie Tin, Malteser Pie snack from Pie Tin shared in the hotel bed and room service dinner of steak & mash with Caesar Salad with Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider to drink.
2. Food {Part Two} - lunch the following day at Grill'd in Darling Harbour, lollies purchased from The British Lolly Shop in Darling Harbour, cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery and dessert on our anniversary night from Pie Tin {pecan pie & coconut cream pie with Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider to drink}.
3. Presents - mine {front and back} - an infinity bracelet with moonstone at front and 2 pearls and clasp at back, his - binary print "i love you" and my "thank you" cupcakes from Husband {shown in 2nd lot of pictures} presented in box as above.
4. The Views - top 2 from hotel pool on level 14, night on day one and day view featuring Bailey on day two.
5. Blurry family photos taken on night of day one while we were all in our PJ's.
6. Bailey on way to Pie Tin {before we got to hotel}, pictures 2 and 3 are of Bailey in Darling Harbour on day two and, lastly, Bailey sitting with us at the dining table, messy after her dinner of pasta, drinking water and chatting with us as we ate our dinner. 

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