Nap Time Craving

During Bailey's nap time, more often than not, I can be found online gawking at gorgeous items that I wish to own - hence Nap Time Craving. Currently it's this bag from Sportsgirl. This is the 'Chain Bag' in the colour teal and retails for $49.95 {Sportsgirl currently offers free shipping to Australia & Worldwide}. The bag also comes in coral but I prefer the teal, silver and black colour scheme.

I'd wear this bag with an all black outfit for a gorgeous pop of colour.


J Review: Garnier BB Cream

The Garnier BB Cream is one of my must have products {I should admit that this is the only BB cream I own so I can't compare it to others}. I tend to wear this product during the day when I am at home with Bailey. It's easy to apply {I always mix it with my moisturiser - more on that below} and lasts for quite a while if I'm not doing anything too strenuous. If I'm going out and want to wear this product {which happens quite often. If I'm going out for dinner or a place I'd regularly wear foundation to and whichever foundation I chose is just not working I always grab my BB Cream and wonder why I didn't pick it in the beginning} I might add a primer underneath and blend in some of my Nude by Nature Mineral Foundation over the top to ensure that it lasts longer than usual. 

For those not in the know...

The Blemish Balm {BB} was a soothing cream used by German dermatologists to calm and sooth skin after facial peels and other procedures. The product was introduced in Korea and adopted by celebrities who shared their beauty secret with fans.

The Garnier BB Cream {along with many others} has 5 different benefits:

1. Hydrates for 24 hours - I have not tested this particular benefit as I'd never leave the product on for a full 24 hours, however, the cream doesn't dry out my skin and always leaves it feeling refreshed.
2. Evens tone - the product does this nicely. The coverage is higher than a tinted moisturiser but lower than a foundation. If you need more coverage, which sometimes I do, I'd suggest adding a mineral foundation like the one I mentioned above, lightly, over the top.
3. Corrects blemishes - I can only go by what I have heard in terms of this point, which is all positive things. I don't get many blemishes and when I do they are usually small and last for a day or two. I have noticed blemish scars that I've had for years being reduced lately but I can't honestly say it was all this product.
4. Boosts healthy glow - I love the glow it gives me, however, sometimes it's just too much which is why I love the look of the mineral foundation over the top.
5. UV Protection SPF 15 - any SPF that boosts the SPF in my moisturiser is an added bonus. I have very pale skin and have never burnt while out and wearing the cream.

Garnier says their product is: easy on sensitive skin, with a luxuriously light texture that conceals blemishes and optimises radiance, while protecting and nourishing your skin. A natural, healthy glow that is simply beautiful.

As you can see the benefits in using this product are huge and well worth the price you pay {$15.14 at Coles}. The tube is 50ml and colour selections come in light and medium. I have the one in light and if I had to list a con {aside from the light coverage on bad skin days} it would be the colour. The light is still very dark and can come across as too orange if not blended properly. This issue is easily fixed with the addition of moisturiser. Adding the moisturiser also makes the product creamier and much easier to apply. I also find that it's more hydrating than before. 

This is how I use my product...

1. Apply BB Cream to a clean and dry hand. This product does squeeze a large amount out so be careful.
I've included the second picture to show just how dark this product is for my skin when blended out a little. As mentioned above, this is the light colour.

2. Apply a small amount of mosituriser on top of the BB Cream and combine together with a clean finger.
3. Blend mix of BB Cream and moisturiser onto your skin until all combined.

*Remember that your neck and decolletage should be considered as part of your face so apply your product down on those parts as well as your face. 

I have integrated this cream into my everyday essentials because it's the easiest and best product I have come across to use for everyday. I am currently squeezing the last of this product out of my tube and when I'm finished I will be repurchasing again.


An Anniversary According to My iPhone

..with help from Pic Jointer

1. Food {Part One} - breakfast in bed, lunch at Pie Tin, Malteser Pie snack from Pie Tin shared in the hotel bed and room service dinner of steak & mash with Caesar Salad with Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider to drink.
2. Food {Part Two} - lunch the following day at Grill'd in Darling Harbour, lollies purchased from The British Lolly Shop in Darling Harbour, cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery and dessert on our anniversary night from Pie Tin {pecan pie & coconut cream pie with Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider to drink}.
3. Presents - mine {front and back} - an infinity bracelet with moonstone at front and 2 pearls and clasp at back, his - binary print "i love you" and my "thank you" cupcakes from Husband {shown in 2nd lot of pictures} presented in box as above.
4. The Views - top 2 from hotel pool on level 14, night on day one and day view featuring Bailey on day two.
5. Blurry family photos taken on night of day one while we were all in our PJ's.
6. Bailey on way to Pie Tin {before we got to hotel}, pictures 2 and 3 are of Bailey in Darling Harbour on day two and, lastly, Bailey sitting with us at the dining table, messy after her dinner of pasta, drinking water and chatting with us as we ate our dinner. 


Friday Loves

After 2 straight days with my Husband you might think I'm glad for some time away from him but I'm just not. I wish he was home. That's our relationship - we like to spend all our time together and miss each other when the other is not around. I'm looking forward to spending 2 more days with him and Bailey and, lamely, getting our new fridge delivered. So here's what I'm loving this Friday...

Husband and I watched this movie on Foxtel On Demand last night. It's funny and sad at the same time. Seth Rogen makes the movie and Anna Kendrick is as adorable as ever. The movie is based on a true story. Joesph Gordon Levitt is told that he has a rare form of cancer and has a 50/50 chance of survival. Watching him go through his struggles is completely heartbreaking. This film is a testament to JLG's acting ability. He's amazing. 

I discovered this tea at the buffet breakfast when we stayed at the Mercure Sydney and I fell in love, despite originally turning my nose up at the Jasmine flavour. I may have pocketed 2 teabags of this when we left the buffet {I reason this was okay because if we hadn't of left to get Bailey down for a nap I would have consumed 2 more cups of tea}. After a search we happened upon this flavour {and many others in the Dilmah Exceptional range} at Thornleigh Woolworths. They were $3.09 for a pack of 20. Usually I'll buy a pack of 50 from the Just Organic range for $1.99 but I think the price bump is worth it for a yummy cup of tea. 

Yesterday, on our way home from the hotel/visit to Darling Harbour, I decided we needed some cupcakes to finish off our 2 day anniversary celebration. We headed to Sparkle Cupcakes in Surry Hills which had a selection of about 4 cupcakes, none I wanted to eat, so Husband picked up some yummy cupcakes at the Cupcake Bakery in Castle Hill. We shared 3 while watching 50/50 last night and I turned the one above into a cupwich and munched it this morning after I woke up after 10.00 am {gotta love a Husband who lets you sleep in}.

Lastly, today I love naps. On Thursday, after our breakfast, Bailey went down for a nap and Husband and I managed to fall asleep too. Waking up in a gorgeous hotel bed was delicious. This morning I woke at 7.00 and was promptly "ordered" to go back up to bed by Husband when he saw me falling asleep on the couch. Husband watched Bailey until she went for a nap before 9.30 and I woke up just after 10. That was the most perfect start to my Friday. 

Have a wonderful weekend x


2 & 7

us on our wedding day {July 25, 2010}. For some reason this is one of my favourite photos. I can't remember what we were talking about {probably about how weird it felt to be told to walk around while someone took pictures of us} but I love that it's somewhat candid, that I'm holding my dress up so I wouldn't trip and that my Husband is grabbing my butt.

Today I have been married for 2 years/been with Husband for 7 years. It feels strange and exciting at the same time. I can't believe that on this day 2 years ago I was soon-to-be Mrs Gaff. I still can't believe my last name is Gaff. That I willingly changed it to be. I hate to say that my wedding day was perfect but it was pretty darn close. It was simple which is just how we wanted it to be. There was no huge ceremony and no huge reception. It was just us. I wasn't stressed. There were no doubts. I didn't wonder if I could do it. I spent the day leading up to the ceremony in a hotel room with my sister, a friend and the make up and hair person. We ate food, drank champagne and listened to music.

I do look back and wish I could change some things. Like my wedding dress which I actually almost hated. It was a last minute rush job after my dream wedding dress was ruined {I'm still bitter about it}. I sometimes wish we had of eloped to Fiji or Bali or somewhere. I wish we could have had a lolly buffet or a photo booth at the reception. Sometimes I wonder if we were lame for doing it so simply...

The only thing I have never regretted is the man I married {actually, also, my shoes and jewellery}. 

I think this quote sums up my feelings for my Husband pretty darn well -

"I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you." 

And to Husband, even though I tell him all the time...

Thank you for loving me x


Etsy Obsessions: Vintage Edition

* I'm doing my Etsy Obsessions one day earlier than usual for a few reasons. 1. tomorrow is my anniversary so I won't be around to do this post and; 2. I have scheduled an anniversary {read: corny} post for Wednesday and didn't want to post obsessively tomorrow. Etsy Obsessions will go back to being posted on Wednesday's from next week. For now, enjoy my vintage obsessions...

Lately I've been scouring Etsy for vintage toys for Bailey. I have my eye on a few vintage toy record players {like this} but this one from Fisher Price is my favourite. I'm not a fan of the majority of music players around for kids these days {does that make me sound old?} and would much rather buy Bailey one like this. It's $45USD, apparently, still works and even if it didn't I think this would be an amazing piece just for decoration in Bailey's playroom or bedroom.

For some reason I am more drawn to vintage stand mixers like the one above than the newer versions. Don't get me wrong I'd love a brand new KitchenAid but there's just something about a stand mixer that's a bit beaten up that makes me happy. This one is listed at $135USD but does not ship to Australia {cry}. I'm also loving more vintage stand mixers here, here and here.

When I think of myself writing I am either curled up in a big comfy armchair with a laptop or I'm seated at a vintage writing desk complete with a vintage typewriter. I've never used one and doubt I ever will. I'd have no idea how to but, gosh, I'd love one. I imagine that I'd be dedicated enough to write my entire novel on one of these. How gorgeous is it? This one is $100USD and not listed as shipping to Australia just like the stand mixer. I can't imagine how expensive shipping would be to get it here anyway. Find more vintage typewriters from Etsy here

I also adore this vintage toy Tom Thumb typewriter. For Bailey that is.

A few nights ago I decided I was fed up with my boring kitchenware. Plain white mixing bowls! Whoever heard of such a thing? Whilst searching Etsy in bed {which is where I conduct my best Etsy searches - true story} my brain pinged and decided to search for vintage Pyrex {which is weird because I don't own any Pyrex branded things and have never had any inclination to}. I came across these bowls, along with many other things, and while I don't think I'll ever want to pay $87.50USD for them I did fall in instant lust. They are so pretty. I also love this Pyrex Casserole Set in the same colour scheme as the bowls

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest- because there's always more.


J Review: Manicare Precision Blending Sponge

Last week on my Monday Review I wrote about the Beauty Blender {read that review here}. Today I want to talk about a similar product - the Manicare Precision Blending Sponge. Compared to the Beauty Blender, which is priced at $20USD, this sponge costs $7.95 and can be picked up in stores like Priceline and where Manicare is stocked.

This sponge is a lot different to the Beauty Blender and in many ways is a lesser product, however, it does what it needs to do. I wouldn't consider it a bad product at all. Like the Beauty Blender it has the big base and the pointy tip {which is great for applying concealer to tricky spots like under the eyes and around the nose}. It blends products well but doesn't provide the finish that I talked about with the Beauty Blender. For this reason I always reach for the Beauty Blender but when that sponge is dirty {and I can't be bothered cleaning it} I always go for this sponge above my foundation brushes and above my 187 and 188 stippling brushes. Considering the quality of those brushes I feel that's saying something.  

The 3D latex sponge is touted as "ensuring a mess free and streak free application. It features a rounded edge perfect to use on the cheeks and forehead while the pointed end is ideal for intricate spots and angles. Non-allergenic and antibacterial".

The sponge does all that - no misleading information there. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and has never broken me out. Win win.

To apply my foundation with the sponge I apply a small amount of product onto my hand and then, with a seesaw type motion, I roll the bottom of the sponge over it. I then dab onto my face and blend as needed. If you read my review on the Beauty Blender you will see I use almost exactly the same technique, however, I do not dip this sponge in water because it just doesn't work like that. Sometimes I will spritz the clean sponge with my Evian facial spray because I feel like it does something or maybe I'm just delusional.

If this were a post on the Beauty Blender vs. Manicare Sponge {which it seems like it's turning into} I would recommend the Beauty Blender over and over again. However, if you don't want to spend the $20USD + shipping on the Beauty Blender or if you can't access one I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you pick up the Manicare version. It does the job which is what we all want isn't it?

Tip: if you want that glowly finish with this sponge just use a foundation that achieves the finish alone. I love: Revlon PhotoReady and Loreal Lumi Magique Foundation


Friday Loves

Even though this week went quite quickly it felt far too long. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all a bust with a sick and teething baby {and a stressed out mummy a.k.a me}. Husband worked from home {and took us out for afternoon tea} on Thursday just so I could de-stress. Today is better and I am now officially in countdown/butterflies in stomach mode for our anniversary coming up on Wednesday. I'm almost wishing this weekend goes quickly. Almost. This weekend we have some of Bailey's friends coming for a visit and we'll be doing some clothes shopping for Husband. I hope to spend any down time relaxing and preparing for our night away. Here are my loves for this Friday.

I'm currently watching Parenthood season 1. It's taken over my obsessive watching of Mad Men season 2. I love this show and not just because I get to see Lauren Graham on my screen again {I miss Gilmore Girls}. It's so beautifully written and acted and while I don't have children the same age as the kids in the show I feel a connection to some of the feelings when it comes to parenting. I am also in love with the house of Julia Braverman-Graham {played by Erika Christensen} and often find myself in awe about how it's so jam packed with toys but looks so good. Sigh. I've fallen in love with the Braverman family and can't wait to catch up on all 3 seasons.

Last night Husband helped me create a little writing corner in the downstairs area of our house near the little alcove under our stairs. I've wanted one for ages but the idea of a desk doesn't appeal to me so I have a little table and a huge armchair with my 'G' pillow. Perfect.

Cute little anniversary cards are making me happy today. I honestly can not believe that I've been married for almost 2 years. This is my card to Husband that I picked up yesterday. For some reason cute cards make me happy and I can never bear to part with them. I dream that one day I'll frame the cutest and most special ones and sprinkle them amongst our family photos. 

Have a good weekend x


Etsy Obsessions

I have to admit Etsy is my favourite online place. Since discovering it a few months before my wedding in 2010 I have become increasingly obsessed. I have the app {free on the App Store} which I visit daily, searching for inspiration and presents for the people I love. I bookmark, favourite and pin. Constantly. Since I'm such a manic Etsy-er I thought it would be fun to share my current obsessions.

I had a random urge to search for "tassel bracelet" the other day and came across this one {and many others}. This one is my absolute favourite. The lavender beads with metal tassel is from Etsy seller JuwelenByV it's $30USD and must be added to my collection as soon as possible.

Also lusting after these tassel bracelets: here, here, here and here

I am in love with Chevron. I'm not usually a fan of yellow, mainly because I'm so pale and it never looks good on me, so there's a lack of yellow in my house. Seeing this pillow makes me want to change that. I think a few of these pillows would look amazing on my couch. The pillow cover is from deliciouspillows and is $21.00USD.

I keep on looking at this card from SparrowNestScript and wanting to give it to my Husband as a random Happy Tuesday {or any day} present because he is one of my favourites. This card is only $8.00USD and it's eco-friendly. I love everything from this Etsy shop including, but not limited to, this {I'd give this to someone who I knew was feeling a bit down}, this and this

Etsy makes me happy. I could honestly do one of these posts every day of the week but I'll leave it at one a week and see how I go.

If you want to see more of my Etsy Obsessions and can't possibly wait until next Wednesday take a look at my Pinterest - because there's always more.


J Review: Beauty Blender

When I first started out with make up, when I was still in high school, I barely knew beauty tools existed. I used my hands for the majority of my make up application, I believed eyelash curlers were a waste of time and money and I applied eyeshadow {using silver on it's own} with the sponge tip applicators they give you with your product. How times have changed... I am now obsessed with beauty tools. For a few years I thought sponges were evil and brushes were the only way to go, until late last year when I happened upon the Beauty Blender. Behold

I found this product on one of my many random searches through make up sites as I lusted over products I didn't particularly need. Purchased from Kiss and Makeup {an online store based in the US} at only $20USD this product answered all my dreams. At first I wasn't sure how to use it and, of course, me being me, I threw away the instructions before reading them. I didn't have much to go by in terms of application rules so I experimented without researching to see if I could find my favourite way to use it alone. For months I used this product dry and I was in love. The sponge helps blend products with such ease, leaving you with an amazing, flawless finish. I am a liquid foundation girl, for the most part, and I feel that these two products are made for each other.

A few months after purchasing this product I happened upon a YouTube video of "beauty guru", Makeup By TiffanyD, where she wets {or rather, dampens} her sponge and my whole foundation application and look changed, for the better, in an instant.

The dampened sponge gives a more flawless and dewy coverage which I adore. I'm no expert but if you prefer a more matte coverage than I'd suggest sticking with the non-damp version {I've tried this application technique with a matte foundation and it still gives a nice dewy finish}. For those dewy lovers this is what I do:

1. Make sure that your Beauty Blender is clean {I deep clean mine once a week with Johnson's Baby Shampoo - the product does have it's own cleaner but I haven't purchased that}
2. Dip your blender into a cup/glass of water
3. Leave for a few seconds, making sure that the entire blender is covered with water. The blender will puff up in size
4. Remove from cup/glass and shake/squeeze free of excess water
5. Leave to dry a little on a clean surface

I complete all 5 steps after I moisturise but before I apply my primer. Don't stress too much if you leave it to dry longer than intended as the larger size of the blender and the dampness does last for quite a while. When it comes time to apply my foundation I squeeze a small amount onto my hand and then, with a seesaw type motion, roll the bottom of my blender over it. I then dab onto my face and blend as needed. Watch the video above for a visual demonstration.

Along with a good eyelash curler the Beauty Blender is one of my holy grail beauty products. It's an absolute must have in everyone's make up tool collection. I am yet to find this product in an actual shop in Australia but as I mentioned above you can purchase online from: Kiss and Makeup. I have also found it online at Beauty Bay

Go on, go buy it now.


Friday Loves

I adore Friday's even though I don't have a regular 5 day working week. Friday means my Husband is home for 2 days straight. It's also the night of the DVD and yummy food and marks the beginning of the weekend where we're always bound to have fun in or out of the house. Here's what I'm loving this Friday

Nutella straight from the jar. Hits all the right spots after a very stressful morning involving dreams of a dead Husband and my darling one-year old locking me out of the house.

Still obsessed with Pinterest. Such a perfect place to gather all the images I love and style stalk others {including Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere}

I'm obsessed with Glee and I know I'm not supposed to admit this but I find myself loving most of their covers over the originals. Lea Michele's version of Total Eclipse of the Heart is my absolute favourite. I like to listen to it on repeat in the car and "sing" along.

Lastly, I love my Husband and Bailey. After above-mentioned traumatic morning they make me feel better like no other. Gosh I'm lucky.

Have a wonderful weekend x


This Little Life Of Mine

involves a Husband named Lindsay {who I refer to as "Husband"}, a little girl named Bailey and 2 dogs named Minnie and Summer. We are the Gaff's.

Husband and I started dating in 2005 {July 25}, were engaged in 2009 {August 3}, married in 2010 {July 25} and had our first child in 2011 {June 9}. 

jaye by day will be all about my life and the things I love with a focus on parenting/motherhood and beauty/make up with some other random things mixed in because {sometimes} I'm completely random and can't help myself.